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Team name:Sokker Team
Created:2016-03-28 19:07:29
Owner: Butcher16
Statistics: Played: 20, Wins: 2, Draws: 1, Losses: 17
Rank.pts 2v2: 1000.00
Rank.pts 3v3: 746.04
Rank.pts 4v4: 1000.00
Rank.pts 5v5: 1000.00
Butcher16  (master)  
Avg. exp: novice
Description: Youth Academy!

If you are new on this game send masters a message and join to this team. In this team you will learn how to play, and we will help you to start your own career.

We are not playing for perfomance, we play for fun. The brotherhood is at own home here!

Sokker Team is named after old legendary team from The legend says, that 10 users from football manager made a team in, and made history there.

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