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VIP services

VIP credits

There are several methods for ordering VIP credits. The price of the credits depends on payment method and order quantity:

Verifone - purchase VIP credits with Visa, MasterCard, or other methods. Verifone order

VIP membership

VIP member is a player who has purchased one or more VIP credits. VIP credits can be used to buy VIP services. To see the list of available services, click the "VIP Services" button above.

You can recognize a VIP user on the ice from the blue name text. As a VIP user you can access the VIP forum and participate in VIP tournaments. You can also play in VIP-only rooms and create them yourself.

VIP credits can be used for buying additional services. You can purchase VIP credits with credit card or other methods.

The VIP services you can buy with VIP credits have varying prices, and some of them have a limited duration.