Ordering VIP-status by using bank or crypto
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Date: 2021-08-06 00:00:18
Edited: 2021-08-07 21:22:36
Why in the name of god is VIP-status only obtainable by using phone?

I recommend commerce.coinbase gateway and Verifone gateway for VIP (and maybe PM aswell). (PayPal is optional and I don't recommend it tbh, maybe some people want it though)

Thank you for great game, jouko.

Few points

-VIP/PM buying sites look kinda outdated.
-beta: imo avoid using bright colors (+the ads are useless in 2021, they are called AdWalls for a reason and people are using AdBlockers and people leave when they see blatant Ads),
-get UX/UI designer opinions (especially in color stuff)
-(or atleast pay attention by using some color designer tool).
-AND update/delete the matrix teams shirts OR when in matrix-teams room make reminder to chat "/dc on".
--Maybe implement too-close-colored-(to each other)-team-shirts-algorithm so such matches cant be.
-AND webGL engine has updated a lot check theres even webgl2 for year+

Date: 2021-08-06 22:51:13
Edited: 2021-08-07 21:55:55
  !!! Important addition. !!!
Add "VIP -STATUS" to the buyer nickname for buying Supporter. So supporter is able to buy VIP-stuff like omakuva and so on.
  !!! Important addition. !!!

Also add Supporter to be automatically renewing order.

And don't make it like 20 eur / 6mo, make it 2.50eur/mo because it just is psychologically more acceptable sum for a simple game like this (compare to World of Warcraft so you get what I mean, and yea I am aware its Supporter-status).

People will get it to multiple accounts this way and forget to leave the month order on (renewable status) and dont care to get it returned so easily (=not many refunds)
--> You can change the whole system into CREDIT-SYSTEM where you just buy credits (eg. monthly) and use those credits to buy VIP/Supporter/whateverPMstuff -> non-refundable.

Today (6.-7. AUG 2021) the servers lagged awfully, about every 60 minutes you get lag spikes, everyone in the server gets these at random times, so the upkeep of connections constant data flow has a problem. (based on output by players in the chat)

EASY FIX: you can fix this by converting to AWS amazon EC2 servers because they are simply best and used by biggest companies, but they might cost you, not too much, for kiekko ~200 user webGL server, I think about 30-120 eur/mo is actually proper server.

I am talking about truly "eSports-like", 100+ tickrate, 200+ player server, I think AWS EC2 allows automatic server computer switching so you can change server cost between player-amount-online times.

HARD FIX: otherwise you must make "artificial lag" to every player (because game is entirely competitive) so everyone has the same experience

Date: 2021-08-07 21:26:49
Edited: 2021-08-07 21:27:14
edited 7. AUG 2021

Created by: perfekto Created on: 2021-08-06 00:00:18 Read times: 794