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Description: You can earn your forklift operator certification by taking an OSHA-approved course either in person or online. Many people choose to attend training in person through a vocational school or a local company. These courses include classroom work, a written test and hands-on training and evaluation.

1. Sign up for a certification course
Find an OSHA-approved training program in your area. You can find these through your employer, forklift dealers and local community colleges or vocational schools. There are two phases to certification: classroom-style training and hands-on evaluation.

2. Take classes
The first part of forklift operator training is coursework that includes safety, OSHA rules, driving techniques and forklift maintenance. The training class must meet OSHA standards. These classes typically last a total of six to eight hours. They might include lectures, videos or written educational materials.

3. Pass the exam
After you have finished your classwork, you will take a written exam. Students typically need to score at least 75% to continue in their training.

4. Complete hands-on training
Once you pass the exam, you will need to demonstrate your forklift skills through training and practicing on forklift equipment. This might include forklift inspection, loading materials, lifting loads, navigating tight spaces and working on inclines.

5. Receive a final evaluation
The instructor will evaluate your overall performance based on your driving rating and written exam score. If both are satisfactory, you can become certified.

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