Facebook sign up (you won't need email confirmation)

You can register a nickname here, after which it can be only used with a password you choose. You need a functional e-mail address in order to register. You can only register one nickname with one e-mail address.

The nickname can't be over 9 letters long, and must not contain spaces.

The password is asked twice in order to avoid typing mistakes. Type the same password in both of the password boxes.

The player whose name is after "Referer" is the player who has invited you to He/she will be awarded an extra VIP credit for each five VIP players he/she has invited to the site.

After clicking on "Register" you will get an e-mail containing a link, which you can use to activate the account.

Note: after you click "Register", wait until you see a message saying "Registration ok" on the next page. Otherwise the account can't be used. By registering an account you permit to use the data you enter.
Note: due to a bot attack, registration now works only from email addresses of .fi domains. Facebook registration still works as usual.

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