Kiekko World Cup VI
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“You have to show up in the World Cup, and in the World Cup anything can happen.”

Here we go again!

Starting with simple international one-game-events back in 2005 and followed by huge events by organizations Kiekkoradio, Spectator and 3League, the time has come for another eagerly anticipated Kiekko World Cup. This time the tournament will bear a name of Kiekko World Cup VI – the sixth full-sized World Cup in Kiekko's history.

In the year 2016 almost a hundred players came together to compete in this unique international tournament. Being the only event in which it is possible to see the best players from all around the world at the same time, the stands have been full of enthusiastic spectators and the conversation around the tournament has been widely active. For instance with Team Finland the World Cup is the only event where the spectators have a chance to see players, who usually compete against each other, trying to find the common ground in order to beat their opponents. When it comes to the upcoming stars from all around Europe and North America, there is no better way to show your skills than in front of the roaring spectators in the World Cup rink.

Similar to the World Cup V, this year's tournament also has over seven participating countries and eight teams in total. The Kiekko World Cup VI's board has been working diligently to find the best formula for the tournament and after a lot of consideration, the participating teams and their coaches have been decided.

Team Canada (CAN) - Razorback
Offense: Razorback, Adam, Charizard, Jurgen, Tkachuk, nick, Franson
Defense: Kentrell, Zachary, Balboa, Boeser
Team Europe (EU) - Firmino
Offense: boy, Harnik, Jezik and shmg
Defense: Firmino, gnome, gosc_999, O'Toole and Piatti
Team Czech Republic (CZE) - DaKrA
Offense: Zajda, Tubs, Novota, Bukarts, fantczech, Petan, scarp
Defense: Dakra, dert, hubery, Palmi, Matesik
Team Finland (FIN) - Ratakses
Offense: Jebsu, Trn, shed, miktok, lassi01, Hjerpe
Defense: hari, Etelä, Fice, Yan, Bisc, Archuleta
Team Finland B (FINB) - Xattar
Offense: Duchene, ktl, Orc, bhg, ääliö, lada
Defense: Xattar, Ilma, Jese
Team Latvia (LAT) - Indrasis
Offense: izy7, L.Darzins, Znaroks, Wolfy
Defense: Indrasis, scofield-, flab3r
Team Slovakia (SVK) - Chara-3
Offense: Urgik, Supak, svajo, HoB., Adak, DAVEKE9
Defense: Chara-3, Däron, Cajkovsky
Team United States of America (USA) - Nate
Offense: Jeffrey, nate, Eric, le_monke, jeb, jimbo, Kyle
Defense: Goth, DaleR, Golden, Tim

As shown in the list, there will be two different teams that represent Finland; Team Finland, which consists of the top tier players and Team Finland B, which has players from the lower tiers of the current league system in Kiekko. Detailed restrictions and rules for the Team Finland B will be introduced to the public in the rules section on Kiekko's website in the near future. Team Europe serves as a so-called “Rest of the World” team that has players from all around Europe.

Kiekko World Cup VI will be held in 28/06/20 – 12/07/20 and team rosters will be announced by 25/06/20. The rules of the tournament, schedule, news, statistics and other important information will be visible soon on Kiekko's website.

Kiekko World Cup VI Info Box

Roster release by: 25/06/20
Tournament takes place: 28/06/20 – 12/07/20
Match schedule:
Kiekko World Cup VI board members in case of any questions that may appear:, members can also be found on Discord
Discord server:

We warmly welcome you to come and witness this unique tournament! To stay updated before and during the tournament, we strongly suggest everyone to join the Discord server of Kiekko World Cup:

With hockey-spirited regards,

Kiekko World Cup VI's board

Group stage calendar. (OFFICIAL)
Time is written in GMT +1. (e.g. Finland has GMT+3)

Sunday 28.06.

18.30 Canada - Slovakia
19.30 Team Europe - Canada
20:30 Finland - USA
21:30 USA - Czech Republic

Monday 29.06.

18.00 Finland B - Latvia
20.00 Team Europe - Finland

Tuesday 30.06.

18.00 Latvia - Czech Republic
20.00 Slovakia - Finland B

Wednesday 01.07.

18.00 Slovakia - Team Europe
20.00 Finland - Latvia

Thursday 02.07.

18.00 Slovakia - Finland
20.00 Finland B - Team Europe

Friday 03.07.

No games

Saturday 04.07.

17.30 Canada - Latvia
18.30 Finland B - Canada
19.30 Canada - USA
20.30 USA - Team Europe
21:30 Slovakia - USA

Sunday 05.07

18.30 Latvia - USA
19.30 USA - Finland B
20.30 Canada - Finland
21.30 Czech Republic - Canada

Monday 06.07

18.00 Czech Republic - Finland B
20.00 Team Europe - Latvia

Tuesday 07.07.

20.00 Finland - Czech Republic

Wednesday 08.07.

18.00 Czech Republic - Team Europe
20.00 Latvia - Slovakia

Thursday 09.07.

18.00 Czech Republic - Slovakia
20.00 Finland B - Finland

Friday 10.07.

No games

Saturday 11.7.

Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2

Sunday 12.7.

Bronze game

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"We warmly welcome you to come and witness this unique tournament!"


Actually, the organizers of this WC have banned me from this tournament with no legitimate and justifiable reason. Just because I was raised in the hood and came from poverty and gang-related violence doesn't mean I must also face systemic racism on this game.


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Group stage calendar.
Time is written in GMT +1. (e.g. Finland has GMT+3)


16:30 Team Europe - Finland
18:00 Finland B - Slovakia
20:30 Czech Republic - USA


18:00 Slovakia - Latvia
20:30 Finland - Canada


18:00 Team Europe - Czech Republic
19:30 Finland - Slovakia


18:00 Czech Republic - Finland B
20:30 Canada - USA


18:00 Latvia - Finland B
20:30 Team Europe - Canada


17:00 Slovakia - Czech Republic
18:30 Latvia - Team Europe
20:30 USA - Finland B


18:00 Latvia - Finland
20:00 Slovakia - USA
20:30 Czech Republic - Canada


17:00 Finland B - Team Europe
18:30 Latvia - Czech Republic
20:30 Finland - USA


20:00 Canada - Finland B
20:30 USA - Latvia


18:00 Team Europe - Slovakia
19:30 Finland B - Finland


20:00 Slovakia - Canada
20:30 USA - Team Europe


18:00 Czech Republic - Finland
20:30 Canada - Latvia

NOTE: Times can be edited if both team captains make an agreement and tell the board!

Date: 2020-06-25 13:12:18
Edited: 2020-06-25 13:39:03
World Cup VI board members:


And a special credit to Teemu for helping out and making World Cup section on site!

Date: 2020-06-25 13:23:26
To avoid questions regardless about Team Europe and Finland B:

Team Europe has players from nations that were not able to gather enough players for their own national team.

Finland B has players with league experience that doesn't go over Superliiga 2divari/Power League/Aloittelijoiden liiga. Few games on a higher level are allowed but those cases will be revised between Finland B coach and World Cup board.

Date: 2020-06-25 13:45:42
Edited: 2020-06-25 13:50:53
Games are played on Finland server. Against Team Canada or Team USA games will be split in half - 9 minutes on Finnish server, 9 minutes on NA server.

Game format is 4vs4, 3 periods(6 minutes each).

Maximum lead you can have in a game is +8, if that happens, game has to be stopped.
HC Helakiekko

Date: 2020-06-26 14:50:57
which calender is official? here? because we have two calenders, both is different..
Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Date: 2020-06-27 22:31:36
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Date: 2020-07-12 14:33:56
Edited: 2020-07-12 14:34:41
17:00 Semifinals 1: Finland - Latvia

18:00 Semifinals 2: Finland B - Canada

19:00 Bronze game

20:00 Finals

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