4vs4 cup
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Kiekko Community 4vs4 cup is about to begin! -

Hello everybody!

What is KiekCom?
Kiekko Community (KiekCom) is a recently founded "fansite" which is to keep up the activity and the interest of the players in the game by organising leagues and tournaments. In the future, we'll have more contests and tournaments if there's a demand for them.

What is "4vs4 cup"?
KiekCom 4vs4 cup is a short - but an intensive - tournament which every team can participate in - both Finnish and non-finns. It's meant mainly for those teams that have less experience in league matches and in 4v4-format. The purpose of the Cup is to give the other teams a chance to try 4v4 matches with lower risks, but still playing competitively for fame, glory, and credit prizes.

8-10 teams will take part in the tournament which is divided into two parts. In the round robin, every team play against each other once and after this short regular season, the best teams will race for the championship in a playoff-round. The number of the matches each team play is low on purpose. This way the stress and the requirements are still reasonable enough so that a team have a chance to finish the tournament within the given deadlines with moderate time online.

Your team can apply for 4v4 Cup if you think that the team already have what it takes to compete in tournaments. There must be 5-10 players in the team including somebody in charge of the team (a master). The playing skills isn't the number one priority but the activity and reliability of the team matter more, so that the team won't leave matches unplayed.

How to take part in it?
An application is sent to nick KiekCom by a note - not in this topic. Read the rules of the tournament before applying! The note must include the following information:

* Name of the team - abbreviation (2-3 letters)
* Administrator of the team (master) + other means of communication (e.g. IRC)
* Complete player list (grouped by players' position)
* Style and colours of the jerseys
* The history, experience and activity of the team
* Free text including why your team should be in the tournament.

The deadline for the applications is April 24, 23:59 (GMT +2 +DST). The tournament starts on the 26th of April.

Send the application via note, leave this topic for discussion. You can tell here if you have any ideas for us, for example if you have an event in your mind which we should organise, etc. :)

* Game format 4v4 (3 x 6 minutes), offsides/icings enabled, no exp.points or penalties
* Proper code of conduct must be observed: lag goals forbidden, goalie must be let to pass the puck, good behavior and language
* There must be a referee who puts down the statistics
* Only those players who are in the official squad, are allowed to play in the matches
* The player must be in the team that he plays for in, too.
* A team have a right to get two (2) new players during the regular season

Complete rules + tournament website will be translated into English if there are non-finn teams that want to participate in the tournament. At least one team that have only foreign players (not Finnish players) in their squad, are automatically in the tournament if they have applied! This way we are trying to promote the European/American kiekko community. So feel free to join the battle for the cup!

Happy Easter and good luck in the game :-)


Created by: Anonymous Created on: 2014-04-17 14:11:14 Read times: 14652