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Team name:Lighthouse X
Created:2011-11-14 15:30:41
Owner: hieno13
Statistics: Played: 1309, Wins: 607, Draws: 143, Losses: 559
Rank.pts 2v2: 1000.00
Rank.pts 3v3: 1220.64
Rank.pts 4v4: 1218.34
Rank.pts 5v5: 1000.00
hieno13  (master)   Jatsi  (master)   Latex  (master)   Mummi  (master)   Suxman  (master)  
Avg. exp: pro
Description: Take my hand and never let go
Side by side we walk an open road
Unbreakable with hope in our hearts
Step by step we’ll make a new start
Let’s be soldiers of love, soldiers of love
Soldiers of love for life

- Lighthouse X

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Member statistics
hieno13109+134 =243 +1
Latex31+47 =78 +1
Mummi33+31 =64 +40
Suxman4+15 =19 +0
Jatsi0+0 =0 +0