Rules of

Violating these rules may result in
  • usage restrictions for the user account and other user accounts used from the Internet address, e.g. chat ban, forum ban, free text ban
  • usage restrictions for the team, e.g. permanent removal of internal forum or team description
  • removal of user acccounts or team
  • inability to register new user accounts

1) Laws, good manners, and sportsmanship must be complied with when using

2) The user is responsible of all material he/she sends to Chat language, images, text, and other material has to comply with copyright and other laws and good manners. Please consider that a major part of users are children and young people. If material violating these rules cause expenses to, the user will compensate them.

3) All kinds of cheating are forbidden. This includes e.g. boosting someone's statistics by intentionally losing or letting someone score; playing with several user accounts simultaneously; scoring "own goals"; using programs that make gameplay easier.

4) isn't a trading place. Selling or buying teams or user accounts is forbidden. Other kinds of trade are forbidden too, e.g. selling Runescape accounts, computer programs or cursors. An exception are team logos and player images, which you can sell for VIP credits.

5) Giving your user account or password to someone else is forbidden. Registering user accounts on behalf of someone else is forbidden. Receiving an account from someone else, or using an account created by someone else is forbidden.

I understand and accept the rules