Internet Hockey


The blue and green smileys are players. Player's name is printed above the player. Your name is in black, others in gray. Goalie-1 and goalie-2 are computer controlled goalkeepers. Your team is determined by the number of players in the teams.


Your player continuously follows the mouse pointer. The pointer is crosshair shaped on the palyfield. Move the pointer where you want to skate.

Mouse button functions depend on whether you have the puck under your control or not, as follows:

While controlling the puck:

While not controlling the puck:


Shoot the puck by holding the left mouse button and releasing it when the colored power gauge at the bottom of the screen indicates the desired shot power.


Passing the puck is done with the right mouse button. The strength of the pass is determined automatically, so holding down the button doesn't have any effect. Your player tries to pass the puck to the teammate closes to the crosshair, but success isn't certain. If the player changes his/her direction or speed, the puck may miss him/her.


Without the puck you can prevent opponent players to take good attack positions or help the attacking player by blocking opponents. Skate towards them and press the right mouse button down on the moment of impact. In this way, you can cut down their speed.


When one of the teams scores 5 goals, the counters will be zeroed.

Sound effects

You can disable or re-enable sound effects with the "sound" checkbox.

Network speed

The ping indicator tells you how many milliseconds of latency there is between you and the game server.